Rototilt RT10

RT10 characteristics

Incomparable performance

The combination of a long service life, light weight and hydraulics with low pressure loss gives the RT10 outstanding performance.    

A lot to dig with

The RT10 retains the excavator’s qualities, as it is a compact design with a low weight.

Control system

As with other Rototilt® models, the RT10 is available for connection to both simple and advanced proportional control systems.

Sophisticated hose arrangement

The RT10 has a protected design with a sophisticated hose arrangement and fixed connection points on the attachment fitting.

Oil-filled for long service life

The RT10 is oil-filled for the best lubrication, naturally. This also means fewer lubrication points. When even easier lubrication is needed, optional single-point lubrication is available.

Technical data

Machine weight1500 - 3500 kg

Max bucket width1000 mm

Max breakout force’35 kN

Max. breakout torque25 kNm

Weight (from)75 kg

Tilt angle (2x)40°

Rotation speed (1 turn in)7.0 s at 15 l/min

Working pressure21 MPa

Max return pressure2.0 MPa at 25 l/min

Recomended hydraulic flow max20 l/min

Nr of lubrication points5

Turn torque1700 Nm at 21 MPa

Tilt torque double acting cylinders5800 Nm

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