Kobelco SK22


Transport weight
2,045kg - 2,185 kg
Engine rated power
13.4kW / 2,200rpm (ISO9249)
Bucket capacity
0.05 m3

Mini excavators are increasingly popular for work in confined spaces such as residential areas and buildings. But smallness alone doesn’t satisfy users who also demand greater stability and first-rate operating performance.

The KOBELCO SK22 mini excavator answers these needs with a high-output engine that provides plenty of power for tough, efficient operation. It also delivers excellent stability with superior weight distribution, a well-designed, comfortable cab equipped with an LCD monitor, and easy maintenance.

These features make the SK22 mini excavator ideal for those who want powerful, basic functions and durable reliability. When you need to do a full-sized job with a compact machine, the SK22 is your answer.

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