Clark Reach Truck CRT
14/16/20 ac

Built to last.

Reach Truck CRT 13/16K ac

CRT 13/16k ac Capacity: 1,3 / 1,6t

Individual, flexible and certainly the best solution
With our extensive range of reach trucks we always offer you the right truck for all your requirements in material handling. In addition to a „classic reach truck“ (CRT14/16/20ac) we offer compact version reach trucks (CRT13/16K ac), with super-elastic tyres (CRT16/20SE ac) and a 4-way reach truck (CRT25 ac-4D) - all trucks are built to last and made for industrial applications.

CRT13/16k ac - The Compact series:
Our compact series, specially designed for use in confined spaces and for drive in racking. Despite the small width of only 1,150 mm, these machines have all the features, the advantages and comfort of our larger reach truck. Also available with side rollers for aisle guidance.

AC technology:
A powerful and quiet phase AC motor provides only the really necessary power output; the proportional electrical valves have a precise control over the motor speed , so only the required amount of oil flow is necessary.
Fingertip controllers give the operator the ability to operate safely and accurately at all times. A Cushioning function in the upright and controlled reduction of the lift speed ensures greater stability, safety and reduced product damage.


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