Clark Reach Truck SRX 14/16

Improved durability and stability – even with high lift heights.

Electric Reach Trucks SRX 14/16
Electric Reach Trucks 48 Volt
SRX 14 2,800 lbs 1400 kg at 10.500 mm
SRX 16 3,200 lbs 1600 kg at 10.500 mm

Sturdy, Reliable and Powerful Even in Tough Applications 
The CLARK SRX14-16 series has been designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements. With a large number of options, including a fork camera and automatic horizontal fork positioning, you will be sure to find the right truck to meet the specific requirements of your operation.

High Capacities at High Lift Heights
Robust construction and stability. 
Nested I-sectioned mast. 
Upright rails with I-section design have 55% greater torsional rigidity than conventional flat rails. 
Less distortion even with lateral forces.
Result: Improved durability and stability – even with high lift heights.

Optimum Visibility
Overhead guard visibility through the upright.
The overhead guard safety bars run parallel to the operator’s line of vision.
Optimum visibility through the upright thanks to wide-spaced rails and centre cylinder rotated to side.

Upright Cushioning
Smooth load transport. 
Smooth lifting and lowering thanks to integrated hydraulic damping system. 
Smooth transitions between upright stages. 
No loud bumps when lowering. 
Increased component durability.

Wear-Free Support Arm Brakes
Increased safety in standard configuration.
Two maintenance-free support arm brakes assist all braking operations.
No service required – unlike drum brakes.
• Compact design: the SRX series can be used to handle euro pallets in aisle widths from 2,731 mm.


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