AggreScrub 150

The AggreScrub™ 150 Log Washer Plant is particularly suited to the C&D recycling market. Key benefits for customers include the improved wear characteristics, reduced costs, and the ability to effectively scrub aggregates and float out clays/ silts/lights (wood/plastics) on one chassis.

In addition, there are also a number of paddle options available depending on customers’ needs, including the traditional hard wearing AR blades in 15 and 30mm variances as well as a new high manganese steel option.


• Produces up to 4 grades of washed screened aggregate
• Modular design with ‘plug and play’ electrical connections for quick set-up
• Pre-wired & pre-plumbed with single connection points
• Fully automated touch screen control providing all-round plant information
• Logwasher angle adjustment allows increased material retention and removal of trash
• Choice of replaceable high tensile blades 15mm or 30mm ar, or longlife manganese cast blades to suit your application.
• Transportable in 2 containers


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